Monday, June 15, 2009

Wild Bachelorette Party Supplies at Masquerade NYC!

Adding to our already expansive collection of party supply novelties and riotous party gags, we of Masquerade Costumes NYC are pleased to announce some newly-arrived bachelorette party gear! Be aware, though, these items are a bit more on the risque side.

Several very note-worthy hot bachelorette party products include the following: Cocktail Sippers and Bachelorette Beads from Forum; a suggestive 16 oz sports bottle from HottProducts Unlimited; some equally suggestive breath mints and hard candies also from HottProducts; Bachelorette Bling Rings, Bracelets, and Badges, and a 20-foot long caution tape party banner.

Cocktail Sippers
from Forum Novelties, Inc.
From Forum's bachelorette "outta' control" line comes "a hot way to sip a cool drink" (from item package). In one package of Cocktail Sipper's, you will find 8 flexible drinking straws, each with a suggestive adult-themed decoration attached. Set these party favors out in your guests' drinks for some drink-sipping silliness.

Bachelorette Beads
from Forum Novelties, Inc.
Imagine gold Mardi Gras beads of an adult nature. We have two different varieties of these suggestive party bead necklaces, each with suggestive dangling decorations.

Party Mints and Hard Candies
from HottProducts Unlimited
Candies in fun shapes quite appropriate for a wild bachelorette's night out. Referred to as "dick tarts" by their packaging, these candies are available in the following flavors: banana, strawberry, cinnamon, orange, spearmint, peppermint, and chocolate mint.

Dicky Chug Sports Bottle, 16 oz.
from HottProducts
The labels on these hysterically shaped sports bottles say "enjoy your favorite beverage while amusing your friends..." We've got a number of these penis shaped sports bottles in a wild neon blue color.

Bling Rings, Bracelet Set, Bachelorette Badge
from Forum Novelties, Inc
More from Forum's "Bachelorette Outta' Control" line: Pink light up "Bling Rings" in one-size-fits-most. These rings come in a set of 6 with batteries included! One clockwise twist of the jewel, and the bling ring will stay lit for up the 8 hours. Great also for engagement parties, bridal showers, and other events!

The "Bachelorette Outta' Control" bracelet set comes with 6 pink, beaded party favor bracelets, each with a different fun message, such as "Hurry. Kiss Me! I'm getting married!!" and "Last Fling - Let's Swing!"

The "Bachelorette Outta' Control" badge makes a fun party accessory. These silver badges come one-a-piece, are decorated with pink and red gemstones, and proudly proclim the wearer to be an "Official Bachelorette Outta' Contol."

Come on over and amuse yourself with these silly new bachelorette party items. We've got an entire display rack dedicated to them!

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311 W 43rd street
between 8-9th Ave
New York City

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